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151 Arnold reported "Nathan of William and Elizabeth" 20 Feb 1709. Tanner, Nathan (I136)
152 Arnold reported "Nathan, of Nathan, and Elizabeth Thurston, of Thomas, Dec 29., 1757" Family F699
153 Assumed born after his parents' marriage. Place of birth is based on family's residence. Knapp, Daniel Jr. (I2146)
154 Assumed Catherine and Dow were married where her parents were living. Family F764
155 Assumed that Nancy died before 1885, as she was no longer listed in her son Samuel's household in the 1885 Iowa census. Knapp, Nancy (I562)
156 Assumed to be Stanton's son, because Stanton was living with George in 1850, and Stanton and George bought neighboring parcels of land in Starke County, Indiana in the 1850's.  Tanner, George W (I1978)
157 At Home Wilson, Laura Charlotte (I351)
158 At Home Yost, Marilyn D. (I453)
159 At Home Wilson, Edward (I299)
160 At the time his death Herbert L. Martin was an insurance salesman and was living at 4355 Minnehaha Avenue South in Minneapolis. Martin, Herbert Lee (I79)
161 At the time of the sale, Martin's land was in the Town of Constantia but is now located in the Town of Hastings as proved by deeds registered later. Hastings was formed from Constantia in 1825.

The property description is ambiguous: "certain lot or parcel of land situate lying and being in the Town of Constantia aforesaid being a part of Ezra L Hommedieu's second location being part of lot no seven and bounded as follows beginning at the centre of the highway on the Town line running South easterly far enough to include five acres of land by running a west course to the Town line and from thence north to the place of beginning." Also, a later deed for this property (identified as having belonged to Martin Keeler) says that the town line was between Hastings and Schroeppel. However, according to the 1867 Atlas map (see document below) Lot 7 is not near the current town line between Hastings and Schroeppel.

Thanks to Cathy Kuhl, who originally located the deeds. 
Keeler, Martin (I181)
162 Available on Source (S84)
163 b. England or Wales? Winn, Ann (I1837)
164 Baker, in his History of Montville, wrote without documentation that Thomas Bayley was born about 1616, the son of William and Mary Bayley who immigrated to Virginia from England. William, age 41, came in the ship Prosperous in 1620 and Mary, age 34, brought Thomas, age 4, in the George in 1621.

Virkus wrote that a Thomas Bailey settled in Milford, Connecticut in 1646 and referred the reader to Savage's Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England which mentioned Thomas Bayley as the husband of Lydia Redfield (or Redfin) in New London. Presumably, Virkus suspected the two Thomases were the same person. This idea is certainly plausible, but the entire story needs documentation.

Milford held its first town meeting in 1639. Thus, Thomas was not among the very first settlers, but he did become an "after-planter", which meant that he owned land.
Bayley (Baley, Bailey), Thomas 1st (I2012)
165 Baldwinsville NY Messenger, unknown date, about April 1943
Mrs. Catherine E. Cory, 88, widow of Charles H. Cory of Plainville, died Saturday (March 27, 1943). Born in the town of Clay, she was the daughter of John and Sally Fancher Gridley. She had been a resident of Plainville many years. Surviving are one son, Frank A. Cory, of Cato; one step-son, Fred W. Cory, of Syracuse; two grandsons, Corp. Charles H. Cory, in Africa and Donald E. Cory of Cato, and three granddaughters, Mrs. Clayton W. Pratt of Throopsville, Mrs. Ernest P. Ashby, Jr. of Syracuse and Miss Lula M. Cory of Cato. Funeral services were conducted Tuesday afternoon at the Bush funeral home, Jordan, by Rev. D. C. Flatt, pastor of the Plainville Christian church. Burial was in Plainville.
Transcribed and provided by Cathy Kuhl.
[The name Catherine E. Cory was also used in the 1920 US Census. Note that her parents' names also are garbled.] 
Keeler, Elizabeth Catherine (I1478)
166 Baldwinsville, New York. Gazette & Farmers Journal, Thursday, March 8, 1928
In St. Joseph's Hospital, Syracuse, NY on Friday evening, March 2, 1928, James W. Vincent, of Plainville, aged 79 years. He is survived by his wife, Anna Keeler Vincent, and one son Harry. Funeral services were held in the Plainville Christian Church on Tuesday afternoon, Rev. Ralph G. English officiating. Interment was made in Riverside Cemetery.

From Transcribed and provided by Cathy Kuhl 
Vincent, James W (I1514)
167 Baldwinsville, New York. The Gazette & Farmer's Journal, March 12, 1885
The Miles' Will Case
Finally one of the wills of Darius Miles has been admitted to probate. The wills presented for probate were dated respectively: April 3, 1878; Dec. 17, 1883; Dec. 26 1883; and January 23, 1884. The court held that the testator was a lunatic and incompetent to make a will at the time of the execution of the last will and admitted to probate the will of Dec. 26, 1883. These estate is sufficient to pay the legacies in full, and pay the claim of any widow the deceased may have left whenever such claim should be established. The following is a true copy of the will probated:
I Darius Miles, of the town of Lysander, in the county of Onondaga....
To Anna Vincent, formerly Anna Keeler, who has lived long in my family, the sum of $1000 in case she survives me; and in case she does not survive me, but dies leaving a child or children who survive me, then, and in that case I order and direct that said sum of $1000 be paid to such surviving child or children....

From Transcribed and provided by Cathy Kuhl 
Keeler, Anna (I1477)
168 Baptism date. Birth year from censuses and gravestone was 1772. Mills, Sarah (I558)
169 Baptism record not found, but Jacobus thought Thomas was born 1594-5, because his cousin Thomas (son of his uncle John and bapt. 4 Apr 1595) was probably the nephew Thomas whom Jeremy called "Thomas the younger" in his will.  Osborne, Thomas (I1702)
170 Barbour Collection also gives a Joseph b. 13 Dec. 1707. If a different child, he must have died as an infant.  Knapp, Joseph (I2107)
171 Barbour Collection had two entries for Joshua's birth dated 12 Dec 1705 and 12 Dec 17[0]6. The the 1706 date is probably correct, because the 1705 date is a few days less than 9 months after Benjamin's birth.  Knapp, Joshua (I2108)
172 Beach, Urial J. -- Simmons, Laura A. A., Mar 4. 1847
W.B Disbro, Minister. 
Family F170
173 Benjamin 3rd is possibly the father of the six Knapp siblings (Samuel, Susannah, Rachel, Solomon, and Benjamin S.) listed on this site as the children of unknown parents.  Knapp, Benjamin 3rd (I2097)
174 Benjamin was a grain and feed dealer. Knapp, Benjamin S. (I2068)
175 Benjamin was named as the brother of David, Samuel, Solomon, Rachel and Susannah Knapp in his wife Catherine's will. (Transcript under documents below) Knapp, Benjamin S. (I2068)
176 Benjamin's wife is sometimes given the surname Henne. Henne is a version of Hannah found in records of Dutch Reformed Churches. I suspect its use as a surname is an error and have entered as a given name. Hannah (Henne) (I2098)
177 Berkshire County was established 21 Jun 1761. Prior to that it was part of Hampshire County. Deeds for Hampshire County for that period are in the Hampden County Registry of Deeds, unless they were registered after Berkshire County was formed, in which case they are in a Berkshire County Registry. Martin, Capt. Samuel (I29)
178 Bertha Otterness was living with the family in 1905 and 1910.  Jurgerson, George William (I371)
179 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F167
180 Birth data assumes she was the daughter of Robert and Sarah Roth. Roth (probably), Mary (I1821)
181 Birth date and place from Frank Martin (a descendant). Martin, Hamilton (I918)
182 Birth date calculated from date of and age at death (73 years) on grave monument. Samuel's birthplace is undocumented but may be Connnecticut, Massachusetts or Vermont.  Martin, Samuel (I27)
183 Birth date calculated from gravestone. Martin, Summers (I934)
184 Birth date calculated from gravestone. Martin, Andrew (I935)
185 Birth date calculated from gravestone. Martin, Isaac (I936)
186 Birth date calculated from gravestone. Martin, Jacob (I937)
187 Birth date calculated from gravestone. Keene, Eph. J. (I1242)
188 Birth date calculated from gravestone. Her birthplace was given as Massachusetts in the 1850 US Census and Vermont in the 1860 US Census. McIntire, Tirzah (I2202)
189 Birth date calculated from information on death certificate.  Chamberlain, Frederick Bradley (I463)
190 Birth date calculated from information on death record. Martin, Jira S. (I67)
191 Birth date calculated from information on gravestone matches that on birth record thereby confirming that this Paul is the son of Paul and Zerviah.  Phelps, Paul (3rd) (I1228)
192 Birth date calculated from information on gravestone. The date was given as 15 Sep 1792 in the "History of St. Albans Maine". Birthplace is from his son Enos' death certificate (Informant was Enos' daughter Emma). Orsborn (Osborn), Isaac Jr. (I414)
193 Birth date from back of photograph.  Keeler, Laura Jane (I180)
194 Birth date from data in death record. Nellis, James A (I997)
195 Birth date from data on death cert. Nellis, Julia A (I995)
196 Birth date from Maud Latham's notes. Although one of Maud Latham's papers says Augustus was born in Connecticut, all of his census records say he was born in Massachusetts. There is a birth record for a female child Augusta Blair Lathan[sic] born 9 Sep 1857 to Alanson Lathan and Charlotte W. Lathan. This appears to be Augustus as the birth date agrees with Maud's notes and Augustus appears as a 13 year old male in Alanson Lathram's [sic] household in the 1870 US Census.  Latham, Augustus Blair (I85)
197 Birth date in G.C. Tanner's book (23 Oct 1778) differs by one day from date calculated from data on gravestone (24 Oct).  Lloyd, Susanna (I131)
198 Birth date is based on the gravestone information.  Orsborn (Osborn), Isaac 3rd (I556)
199 Birth date is Dec 1872 in the 1900 US Census and 1869 on headstone.  Otterness, Sena Louise (I366)
200 Birth info from and needs to be verified. Morse, Peter Jr. (I417)

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