How to use this site.

The fastest way to find a person is by using the search feature. Many other options are available on that person's page. Photos, headstones, documents, and histories are also linked to individuals.

Females are indentified by their birth names in the database. If you do not know the birth name, search for the husband. To keep family images together, I have identified images by using married names (e.g. Martin, Lottie Tanner).

To see a family tree click the Ancestors or Descendents tab near the top of any person's page and a tree will appear. Controls for the appearance of the tree are below the tabs above the tree.

To determine the relationship between two people click on the Relationship tab near the top of someone's page. Click the Find button to identify the second person and then click the Calculate button. The calculation is only for biological relationships and does not include in-laws.

Living persons can only be seen by logged-in, registered users.

To report an error or suggest a change just click on the Suggest tab near the top of any individual person's or family's page and complete the form.

To register as a user click on Register for a User Account under my signature on the home page and complete the form. The system will send me an email with your request. I will authorize your account as soon as possible. In general, I only provide user rights to people who I know personally. Users will only be able to view living persons; although I can grant editing privileges under special circumstances.
If I do not know you, you must provide all of the requested information and explain why you want a user account in the box at the bottom of the form.

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