Accuracy and Acknowledgements

Accuracy is a major goal:

Simply stated, I want the information on this site to be as accurate as possible. Primary sources such as wills, deeds, letters, church records etc. are the most reliable sources of genealogical information, and I use them whenever possible. However, much of the information on this site comes from secondary sources such as genealogical books and compilations. Such secondary sources, while often correct, also often contain errors, and I regard them mainly as a starting point for further investigation. Thus, one of my goals is to confirm or correct (and extend) the information I take from secondary sources by finding primary records and source materials. Pursuing this goal is a never-ending task, and I am sure this site still contains inaccuracies. Thus, the information presented here should be considered tentative unless it has been confirmed by a demonstrably independent and reliable source. When I know of uncertainties I mention them in the notes. If you find an error or have additional documented information you would like to share, just click on the Suggest tab at the top of any person's page. I'd appreciate any help you can provide.

This website is a working document, and I put up the best information that I have with the expectation that the information may change as I continue to work. I provide the sources of the information that I post,so the visitor will be able to judge it's reliability.


I started building this site based on the work of a few people, and I have acknowledged them on the home page. I also thank Frank Martin and Cathy Kuhl for their generous and very substantial contributions. Frank pointed me to key information on Samuel Martin in Rensselaerville and provided documents on Samuel's land in Ontario. Cathy shared photos, documents and her extensive knowledge of the Phelps, Keeler and Northrop families. I have had extensive email conversations with each of them that helped to shape my thoughts on these families. Finally, I have received helpful information from others and have acknowledged their contributions in the notes for the appropriate individuals.

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