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Article from the Afton (New York) Enterprise, 20 May 1887, p. 2
Article from the Afton (New York) Enterprise, 20 May 1887, p. 2
This article describes the move of Daniel Hyde to Afton and names his children and their spouses. Sophia is Zerviah. She was also identified as Sophia in her marriage record, and it seems likely that she was called Sophia within her family. (Sophia was also used for Zerviah in other families.) Paris, Canada is located about 10 miles from Princeton where Zerviah and her husband Earl are buried.  
  17 Sep 2019
Isaac Fosters Will about 1691
Isaac Fosters Will about 1691
Much of the right side of the will is missing. The will is either undated, or the date is on a missing part of the page. Isaac said he is about 62 years old. His signature is feeble but legible.
Isaac names his wife Martha and sons Jacob, Daniel and Eleazar. He named Jacob and Daniel "my oldest sons". Isaac bequeathed 20£ to each of his daughters but did not name them.
Witnesses: John Pabody Junior and and ? Dorman senior.
This image can be found on ancestry.com at this link.  
  28 Aug 2019


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Hyde, Mary
Hyde, Mary
Headstone inscription recorded 3/19/2010
Mary wife of
Daniel Hyde
Died Dec 27 1836
AE 76 yrs 
North Afton Cemetery Located    2 Sep 2019


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Martin, Walter Hyde 
b. 1806  USA  Martin-Bloom 17 Sep 2019
Martin, Earl 
b. 15 Jun 1780   Martin-Bloom 17 Sep 2019
Ottman, Cornelius 
b. 7 Mar 1786  Schoharie, Schoharie, New York  Martin-Bloom 12 Sep 2019
Ottman, George 
b. 19 Apr 1782  Schoharie, Schoharie, New York  Martin-Bloom 12 Sep 2019
Ottman, Magdalena 
b. 16 Oct 1779  Schoharie, Schoharie, New York  Martin-Bloom 12 Sep 2019
Ottman, Jacob 
b. 17 Apr 1777  Schoharie, Schoharie, New York  Martin-Bloom 12 Sep 2019
Ottman, Johannes 
b. 29 Oct 1774  Schoharie, Schoharie, New York  Martin-Bloom 12 Sep 2019
Ottman, Johan Nicholas 
b. 2 Feb 1772  Schoharie, Schoharie, New York  Martin-Bloom 12 Sep 2019
Ottman, Peter 
b. 19 Jun 1769  Schoharie, Schoharie, New York  Martin-Bloom 12 Sep 2019
Ottman, Wilhelm (William) 
b. 12 Jan 1767  Schoharie, New York  Martin-Bloom 12 Sep 2019

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Tree | Branch   Last Modified 
 I25  Martin, Earl  I26  Hyde, Zerviah  25 Dec 1804  Martin-Bloom 14 Sep 2019
 I177  Ottman, Christian  I178  Braun, Christina  15 May 1764  Martin-Bloom 12 Sep 2019
 I177  Ottman, Christian  I447  Schaeffer, Christina  9 Aug 1757  Martin-Bloom 12 Sep 2019
 I604  Hyde (Hide), Maj Elijah  I605  Clark, Mary  24 Feb 1757  Martin-Bloom 4 Sep 2019
 I71  Hyde, Daniel  I72  Wattles, Abigail  3 Mar 1717/18  Martin-Bloom 4 Sep 2019
 I75  Hyde (Hide), Samuel  I76  Lee, Jane  Jun 1659  Martin-Bloom 3 Sep 2019
 I37  Hyde, Daniel  I38  Hyde (Hide), Molly (Mary)  6 May 1780  Martin-Bloom 2 Sep 2019
 I73  Hyde (Hide), Samuel  I74  Calkins, Elizabeth  10 Dec 1690  Martin-Bloom 29 Aug 2019
 I195  Dewey, William  I196  Bailey (Bayley), Mercy  2 Jul 1713  Martin-Bloom 29 Aug 2019
 I1139  Calkins, Solomon  I1144  Skiff, Abigail  22 Jun 1750  Martin-Bloom 29 Aug 2019