Samuel Martin Y-DNA Project.

The ancestors of the Samuel Martin (b. abt 1759, person I27 in database) who married Silence Greene have been elusive. I am trying to implement a new strategy for the family by finding men to join the Martin/Martyn Y-DNA project at (I have no financial interest in this project).

The goal is to determine a "Samuel Martin Y-DNA genotype". The genotype will be helpful because someone whose family tree goes back to one of Samuel's earlier ancestors might match the genotype and give us the clues necessary to find Samuel's ancestors.

To get the genotype, we need to have Y-DNA tests done on at least two more males named Martin or Martyn whose direct paternal line goes back to our Samuel. To get a match specific to Samuel, these men should be members of different branches of the family tree -- that is, they should descended from different sons of Samuel. It's necessary to have two or three members of the group in order to rule out so-called "non-paternal events" i.e. adoption or hanky-panky. That is, if our Y-DNA doesn't match, one of us would not be a descendant of our Samuel.

The DNA test is painless (one scrubs the inside of the cheek with a little tool). The identity of the DNA donor is kept confidential and known to the public only by a number. If you qualify, please join the project.

If you are a descendent of Samuel, and you have already had your Y-DNA tested by another laboratory, please contact me. Perhaps we can find a way to see if our test results match.

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